Our Services

Sofa Cleaning

The cleaning of the sofas carried out by Express Pro Cleaning will renew your sofas leaving them as new. We guarantee the removal of 80 to 100% of the dirt and soot from the sofas with the sofa washing treatment. This result is quite satisfactory and can be seen when the services are performed. After washing the sofas, the revitalization of the original colors of the sofa fabrics will be visible. Washing sofas does not harm the wooden structure of the sofas and does not leave a bad smell.

Vehicle hygiene

The internal cleaning done in the upholstery of vehicles in quick wash is not enough to remove the dirt that accumulates over the years in its upholstery, to make them really clean and sanitized, it is necessary to perform a complete internal hygiene performed by qualified professionals. for this, the internal cleaning of vehicles consists specifically of washing the seats and upholstery of the vehicles, door sides, roof, floor carpeting and panel cleaning.

Our professionals do the internal cleaning of vehicles at home with a scheduled date and time. We guarantee the renewal of your vehicle seats using special products to remove grime and stains caused by food and drinks inside your car. Car upholstery washing is recommended not only for vehicles of daily use, but also for vehicles that have passed through body shops.

Carpet  Cleaning

The carpet cleaning offered by Express Pro Cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt and stains caused by weather and the use of carpets in businesses and homes. Carpets are generally used in offices, houses and apartments for their versatility of models, ease of application and comfort. To maintain the comfort and hygiene of the carpet, it is necessary to use professional carpet washing procedures.

Mattress Cleaning

The cleaning of the mattresses must be performed by professionals incorporated with the help of specific products and equipment, the mattresses must be cleaned at least once a year. Did you know that we spend an average of more than ¼ of the day on a mattress? Mattresses are important items in our daily lives, but beware of the mites they are close to. A mattress with a year of use can contain an average of 1 million mites!

Mites are microscopic animals with high breeding power and an average life of 04 months. During this period, it requires about 200 times more excrement than its own weight. Each mite reaches up to 300 eggs at sunset! The mite is a major cause of allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Because they are very favorable environments for the proliferation of mites, they are found in carpets, rugs, sofas, mattresses, curtains and blinds. These need special care and must be cleaned and sanitized periodically.

Rugs Cleaning

Rugs Cleaning – Most rugs are made with textile materials, sisal fiber or synthetics. Very common in homes and businesses. The accumulation of dirt shortens the useful life of the rugs, the micro grains of sand that are deposited there, are abrasive elements that compromise the fiber of the rugs, damaging the threads, accelerating their wear and impairing their good appearance and soft touch. To prevent the problem it is important to employ a qualified carpet washing maintenance schedule, which will help to preserve the rugs fiber, which is conducive to the proliferation of fungi, mites and micro organisms.

Dining chairs

The dining chairs contained stains of coffee, tomato sauce, fats and other everyday dirt at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The washing of dining chairs carried out by Express Pro Cleaning will renew the appearance of your upholstery. With the use of specific products with high power to remove dirt and stains and specific extraction machines, our professionals restore these articles that are so used in our daily lives.